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The STLF-Thirteen

STLF's Thirteen Staples are our fun way to describe the culture and character of STLF.  After you finish reading, make sure to give someone a Yeah Buddy! and check out the Staples Series of reflections by our staff here.

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  1. Just Keep Learning
    This means you’re a student for life!  I know, exciting.  Constantly challenge yourself and place yourself in situations where you can grow and continue to be a better person.  You can learn something new every day if you allow yourself.
  2. Leadership Goes Beyond a Title
    There’s more to people than their past experience.  In addition, just because you are not the “defined” leader, doesn’t mean you can’t lead the group.  Leading is an art—it is following, listening, guiding, creating, and so much more.  We all need to find the leaders within us.
  3. Lead Your Way
    STLF does not create or build leaders, but STLF reveals leaders.  By giving people ownership and flexibility, they are able to practice leadership first hand.  STLF provides structure with high expectations, giving leadership opportunities to those who seek it.
  4. Leadership without Boundaries
    STLF values travel and getting out of your comfort zone, in hopes of stretching yourself to a place you have never been before, both internally and externally.  We appreciate the pursuit of experiencing and understanding a variety of cultures.
  5. When in Doubt, Fly it Out
    Preparation is priceless but when the unexpected happens, remember that you are capable of so much more you ever thought of.  The trick is, you must allow yourself to succeed.  We call this impromptu leadership.
  6. Success Reflects the Strength of the Core
    STLF is based on core leadership.  The success of every program can come back to the strength of core.  In life, go to the very middle—of situations, of relationships, of yourself and build that strength.  Success will follow. 
  7. Growth Happens with Reflection
    It is not enough to just do something.  Thoughts must go behind it, and then feelings, and finally growth will occur.  Do not settle for the act of doing something.  Dig deeper and explore what it means to you and how it is significant.  Soon, you will find what makes you tick, keeps you going, and your passion will come alive.
  8. Every Person has a Story
    Everyone’s life has meaning.  Everyone has a purpose.  Take time to learn these stories, and remember to share yours!  Introduce yourself to people, ask the tough question, and go for that leadership role.  You never know who you are going to meet next or when the next big learning experience of your life will hit. 
  9. Share Don’t Compare
    This is a judgment-free zone.  Share with one another.  One person’s confidence, success, and accomplishments do not take away from yours.  So share with everyone and celebrate in the happiness of others.
  10. PMA, All the Way
    PMA = Positive Mental Attitude.  A little goes a long way, and the small stuff really does matter.  A smile can make someone’s day, so smile on!  Laughs are contagious, so laugh always.  Call your mom, say thank you, and go to bed a little happier. 
  11. Leadership is Tough
    If you are truly leading, you will be challenged, frustrated, and often with your back against the wall.  Sometimes you have to go against the norm and put your personal wants aside for the success of the leadership role.  Leadership is often a thankless job, but continue on with pride.  The internal happiness and success you will achieve through leadership is priceless and irreplaceable. 
  12. Bring it on Back
    Take what you learned and bring it home.  Don’t let the ripple stop with you.  Continue to spread what you know and how you feel to others, and amazing things will happen. 
  13. Serving by Example
    Leaders are often seen, not heard.  We hope to exhibit leadership through our actions, by acting as examples for those around us.  STLF’s collaborative approach encourages acting as examples— keeping service and the end in mind, setting aside personal credit.

“You can accomplish anything you want in life…
as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.”


- Harry S Truman

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